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It all started with a bouquet...


Roxie's Flower Truck & Design Studio doesn't have your average origin story. I didn't grow up in a flower shop or dream of becoming a florist. My dreams always included spreading joy and love throughout my community. The same community I met my husband in, raised my children in and served for so many years. 

In 2019 my son gifted me a Mother's Day bouquet that touched my heart unlike any other gift had. The beauty of the flowers and heartfelt meaning behind it inspired me to help others recreate that same feeling. It was in that very moment I knew flowers were my calling.

Months later my husband and I stumbled across a 1962 VW Transporter Bug for sale and it was love at first sight. With a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of love, we transformed the old truck into a beloved flower shop on wheels and just like that, Roxie's was born. 

Since that day, Roxie and I have shared beautiful blooms, created countless smiles and made memorable events for flower lovers all across Nothern California. We can't wait to continue to share our passion with you!

Facts about me

My perfect hobby

Designing the floral studio from scratch and watching it come to life!

Best place to vacation

Anywhere tropical but preferably on a beach in Maui!

I'm drinking

Coconut La Croix with fresh limes

I'm currently reading

Fourth Wing 
(I know... I'm late to the party)

I started this business

In 2019 with the hope of spreading joy through flowers

My favourite food

Tacos! All day every day!
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